Scala 2.13.9 release planning

This thread is for updates and discussions about the upcoming Scala 2.13.9 release.

We’re doing this release simply because it feels like enough time has passed and enough PRs have been merged. There is no specific forcing factor. (2.13.8 came out in January.)

We aim to release 2.13.9 and 2.12.16 at about the same time; there is a separate thread on 2.12.16 planning.

We propose to publish a 2.13.9 release candidate no sooner than Monday, May 9, followed by a final 2.13.9 release no sooner than two weeks later.

If you’re aware of anything you think ought to be considered a blocker for this release, please let us know, either by commenting on the appropriate ticket or PR, or by replying on this thread.

At present there are some open issues and PRs on the 2.13.9 milestones in scala/bug and scala/scala. Tthese are changes that we still hope to get in, but at present none are actually blockers.

The most significant changes already merged are listed here:

We’ve decided to delay 2.13.9 until after Scala 3.2.0 final is released, so we can be certain that the 2.13.9 TASTy reader will be able to read Scala 3.2-generated TASTy files. (Ticket: support Scala 3.2.0 in TASTy Reader · Issue #12585 · scala/bug · GitHub)

(But we’ll go ahead with 2.12.16 anyway.)


Do we have any ETA on this now that 2.12.16 is released?

The plan remains to wait until Scala 3.2 is available, then release 2.13.9 shortly afterwards, so it can include TASTy reader support for 3.2.

According to the 3.2 release thread, the 3.2 target date is currently July 26. 3.2.0 release thread