Second batch of Scala 3 SIPs: additions to Scala's type system

Hello, Scala community,

In case you haven’t noticed, @odersky published several new threads to discuss new additions to Scala’s 3 type system, namely:

  1. Proposal to add Trait Parameters to the Language - #11 by Krever
  2. Proposal to add Intersection Types to the Language
  3. Proposal to Add Union Types to the Language
  4. Proposal to add Dependent Function Types to the Language
  5. Proposal to add Implicit Function Types to the Language

We’re looking for feedback on all these proposals. The feedback we got in the first batch was excellent (with many people in favor and against some of the proposals) and we’re really happy with everyone’s involvement in the future of Scala 3.

The rules for this batch’s discussion are the same: after one month, the threads will be automatically locked. Then, our SIP Committee members will process the feedback in every thread, write up a summary, and read it in our next SIP meeting. We will then take all your inputs into account and find ways to move forward.

All the contextual information on these discussions and the reasons why we’re organizing them can be found in the previous thread introducing the first batch of Scala 3 proposals: First batch of Scala 3 SIPs - #2 by soronpo.

Thank you all for your participation. :smile: