Scala 2.13.13 release planning

This thread is for updates and discussions about the eventual Scala 2.13.13 release.

As of yet, we don’t know much about the release’s likely timing or contents.

We can use this thread to ask, propose, discuss.


With Java 21 will be released this month , hope the next Scala release will have the best support for JDK 21:)

Is it too late in the season to release on next Friday the 13th? :jack_o_lantern:


We aren’t currently aware of any compatibility issues with JDK 21 that need to be addressed, but we encourage people to open tickets about any issues they find.

One area where we tend to lag is compatibility with the new Java language features, for users who are doing mixed Java/Scala compilation. For example, support for Java record syntax in Scala’s Java language parser only just landed in 3.3.1. Please open tickets or upvote existing tickets.

(Also, note that Java language handling improvements are a fertile area for open-source contributors — it’s valuable work that doesn’t require deep knowledge of compiler internals.)

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Maybe worth to know: Debian Testing has OpenJDK 22-ea builds available since some time already.

Maybe this could be incorporated into some automatic tests?

Yes, good suggestion. For Scala 2, I have opened these two tickets to track it:

and assigned myself to both tickets.

For Scala 3, I ask that someone else open tickets and/or take responsibility.

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I have opened issue :smiley:


We aim to release 2.13.13 in January sometime.

The most significant PRs already merged: Pull requests · scala/scala · GitHub

But there are also a number of PRs in the pipeline we expect to finish and include, most notably: Pull requests · scala/scala · GitHub

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Things are progressing. We’re down to four open PRs on the 2.13.13 milestone

With luck, we’ll have a release candidate in a week or so? Knock on wood.

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Oh, I should have mentioned: we should hold 2.13.13 until 3.4.0 is released, so that 2.13.13 will be able to read 3.4 TASTy. 3.4.0-RC2 just came out, so we are optimistic that 3.4.0 won’t take too much longer.

GitHub issue is TASTy reader should support Scala 3.4 · Issue #12932 · scala/bug · GitHub

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We are very nearly done winding down the 2.13.x PR queue for the release. We hope/expect to merge just one more PR (finalizing support for Scala 3.4 in the TASTy reader) and then announce a release candidate early next week.

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Scala 2.13.13 draft release notes:

If you have any suggested improvements to the notes themselves, you can comment on this pull request.


The 2.13.13 release candidate is 2.13.13-bin-17c0c74. Please test! has instructions on using Scala 2 nightlies.

Draft release notes at Scala 2.13.13 draft release notes by SethTisue · Pull Request #861 · scala/scala-dev · GitHub — feedback welcome.

We’ll allow a minimum of one week for testing, so we won’t release before Tuesday, February 20.


Scala.js 1.15.0 passes, although I had to turn fatal-warnings off in two projects. Sorry for the late testing.


I built the Scala Plugin for IntelliJ using 2.13.13-bin-17c0c74 and ran all tests against the RC. Everything went well. Thank you for the release.


I’m sorry another Valentine’s Day passed with no 2.14 release, but thank-you to the Scala Team Members at Lightbend for their continued attention.

Off now to read the latest “Lightbend Monthly” before bedtime.

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2.13.13 JARs are now on Maven Central.

Tooling and compiler plugin maintainer powers, activate! Please publish support.

We won’t announce before Friday, February 23, 2024.


Scala.js 1.15.0 for 2.13.13 is on its way to Maven Central.

I will do earlier versions tomorrow.

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Scala Native 0.4.{13-17} compiler plugins for 2.13.13 are on their way to Maven Central

We’ve found a regression in compilation for scaladoc when using Scala 3 defined symbols. It might affect users publishing Scala 2.13 artifacts/documentation for projects using Scala 3 ADTs. It does not affect normal compilation.