Coming Soon: Scala 2.13.4

Similar to Jason’s thread on Scala 2.12.13, this thread is about the upcoming Scala 2.13.4 release.

The target date for 2.13.4 (2.13.4 GitHub milestone) is October 29 .

The primary improvements and enhancements that it includes are:

  • The Dotty Tasty Reader (, which allows libraries compiled with Dotty to be consumed by 2.13.4+ (provided it utilises the subset of Scala 3 that Scalac 2.13 can understand)
  • Enabling range position by default, which is required by SemanticDB (and therefore Scalafix and Metals) - now they be enabled by default

And much more! See:

Note that you can consume pre-releases of Scala using our nightly builds:


I try to found the nightly builds using, but I can see only scala-2.13.0-pre releases dated 2018.
Need some link update?

Yeah, the archives and the docs aren’t updated. But the info in the StackOverflow question are good:, e.g.

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I’d like to bring attention to, I think addressing it should be considered for 2.13.4.


@flomebul thanks for raising that — PR with fix:

Hey contributors,

Just a reminder that 2.13.4 is planned to go out this week, so please test it out if possible (particularly as I merged by pattern matching exhaustivity PR on Friday!)