Collections reviewers wanted

We recently created a GitHub “team” for the Scala collections API:

Why? In general, the whole community is welcome to comment on any scala/scala PR, but we understand that “watching” the scala/scala repo is too much volume for many people. So when we need reviewers on a collections PR, or opinions on a collections bug, we can now @-mention @scala/collections.

If you would like to be included on this team, let me know (reply here with your GitHub user name, or email me at, either way). There’s no obligation; adding you just means that you’ll get additional GitHub notifications.


Daniel Hinojosa has pointed out that the link I included may not be accessible to non-org-members. Currently the team members are NthPortal, joshlemer, Ichoran, and julienrf. (These are all folks who have long histories of working on the collections, but there is no intent for that to be a requirement for being added.)

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@SethTisue would they also be in charge of " signoff" the collection PRs of scala-library-next?

@BalmungSan good point, anyone interested in collections changes should also be watching the scala-library-next repo

for signoff in that repo, we don’t really have a process yet; discussion at

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I’m happy to help.

GitHub: johnynek


Count me in.
GitHub: odd


guess I can help too: @RubenVerg

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Please add me too

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me too.

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In the “no obligation” sense, I would like to try - please, add me:

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Color me curious, I’m willing to help

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I am also interested and willing to help:

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Thanks, everyone! I just sent invites to everyone who responded.

You may also wish to “watch” this repo:

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Sorry for being a bit late. I’d like to help out as well:

I’m also interested.

further invites sent

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