When will SIP47 ClauseInterleaving graduate beyond Experimental?

Back in 2022, SIP 47 Clause Interleaving (also known as “Generalized Method Syntax”) was Accepted and subsequently implemented & merged in Feb 2023. Scala Center mentioned it as a “Highlight of 2022”.

The capabilities this adds to Scala look very useful, providing wish list features that have been mentioned repeatedly over the past decade.

As a developer in industry, anything marked Experimental is more or less unavailable. I am wondering when we might expect to be able to make use of these enhancements?

Note that in 3.5 RC1 nightly docs, I can’t yet see the Generalized Method Syntax documentation page, even under the Experimental section.


I think sometimes these things get forgotten - we are actually using it to implement NamedTuples desugaring currently - so that provides some evidence that it is useful.

I would encourage to make an issue to stabilise it in 3.6 - maybe with an example how it could help?


Today the SIP committee discussed SIP47 and decided to accept it to be shipped as official feature of Scala.


That’s so cool !

I’m so happy my work will officially be in the language, that feels like such an honor, and thank you again to all who helped me along the way
(I’m the one who made the PR and the SIP)