What's the post Scala3 vision?

So in the last couple of months following developments around Dotty wasn’t providing me with the excitement I experienced in earlier… years I think I can now say. This is an undoubtedly good thing, There are a lot of nice things packed in already and I’m glad to see that a lot of hard work is being invested into Dotty becoming stable and mature (so far as a major new version of a language can be), keep up the good work.

Still I just got this desire to peek into the more distant future. I can recall multiple occasions where where a suggestion was considered a good idea but due to well justified time constraints it was decided to be left out of Scala 3. Then I believe @odersky hinted at least once that Scala 4 might not be as far away as one could be led to believe extrapolating from the time gap between 2 and 3.

It would be nice to hear about what we can expect in both the mid and more far distance future, even if any enumerated change or time frame is going to be rather tentative.


Not part of the core team, but I think it’s less about Scala 4, and more about 3.1. Features tended to get prioritized if there was a compelling reason to do it as part of the Big Breaking Changes; a lot of stuff that can be done incrementally has been pushed to 3.1. IIRC, there’s a spreadsheet around here somewhere…


What happened to type member and type parameter unification? Initially this seemed to be pushed as the number 1 Scala 3 feature, and indeed it seemed a very useful feature to me, but it no longer seems to get mentioned.


I read a comment somewhere (sorry I don’t have a reference right now, but maybe by @smarter?) that the compiler team tried to implement it in the compiler and then realized it wasn’t working out as expected. My understanding is that this unification is not happening in Scala 3.


I believe this thread answers your question


Thanks, that’s the thread I had seen.

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