Upcoming Scala releases: 2.11.11, 2.12.2 and 2.13.0-M1


We have three upcoming releases by the end of the month! We’ll track our progress at the linked issues – here’s a quick summary:

  • 2.11.11 : 2.11.9 had a binary incompatible change, so will not be announced (the issue was discovered after the release was tagged and published on maven central, unfortunately). 2.11.10 had an important regression that was discovered by the 2.12 community build. More details on the issue.
  • 2.12.2: we’re working through the review backlog, and plan to finalize the release by March 24th. We will start re-assigning PRs to the 2.12.3 milestone to signal our intent, so we can meet our deadline (always happy to discuss on the PR).
  • 2.13.0-M1: milestones will be released quarterly – release will go out by end of March, PRs not merged by then will go to M2.

Have a great weekend!

PS: Our upcoming releases and their timing is kept up to date at https://github.com/scala/scala/milestones


We’re getting close to tagging 2.11.9 and 2.12.2, so now’s a great time to try out the nightlies and let us know about any regressions!

Just change scalaVersion to either “2.11.9-bin-363d9e5” or “2.12.2-bin-6048c66” and add the resolver https://scala-ci.typesafe.com/artifactory/scala-integration/ (a recent sbt correctly derives the binary version thanks to the -bin- suffix).

For an sbt recipe to always be on the cutting edge, see http://stackoverflow.com/questions/40622878/how-do-i-tell-sbt-to-use-a-nightly-build-of-scala-2-11-or-2-12/40622879#40622879 :slight_smile:

A newer 2.11.9 build is 2.11.9-bin-03d5f4e — this is now the version expected to become 2.11.9 final.

I just found strange difference of 2.11.9.


2.11.9 is on Maven Central so it can’t truly be withdrawn, but it’s definitely not recommended for use. Adriaan is building 2.11.10 to replace it. See https://github.com/scala/scala/milestone/62?closed=1 and https://github.com/scala/scala-dev/issues/35

The nightly expected to become 2.11.10 is 2.11.10-bin-d9150aa

The 2.11.10 release is staged. You can already use it by adding the “https://oss.sonatype.org/content/repositories/staging” resolver. It hasn’t been tagged or pushed to maven central yet, though. Planning to do that today. More info at https://github.com/scala/scala-dev/issues/359

2.11.10 is on Maven Central.

The nightly we hope will become 2.12.2 just finished building; it’s 2.12.2-bin-15e2759.

:balloon: Scala 2.12.2 is now staged at https://oss.sonatype.org/content/repositories/staging/. We intend to tag & promote to Maven Central next Tuesday, unless we hear of any regressions. :pray:

Please try it out by adding the sonatype staging resolver above. Thank you in advance for the valuable feedback!

While preparing 2.12.2, we realized there’s a regression in 2.11.10, so we’re dialing the 2.11 series all the way up to 11 with 2.11.11, which will be staged today and finalized next Tuesday.

Let us observe a minute of silence for the releases that were not meant to be, 2.11.9 and 2.11.10.


2.11.11 and 2.13.0-M1 are now staged in the same repository as well.

All three releases are fully published and announced: http://www.scala-lang.org/news/releases-1Q17.html

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2.13.0-M1 was initially published with only skeletal release notes.

There are now full release notes here: https://github.com/scala/scala/releases/tag/v2.13.0-M1

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The following libraries have now been published for 2.13.0-M1: https://github.com/scala/make-release-notes/blob/2.13.x/projects-2.13.md

If you are a library author and you were unable to publish for 2.13.0-M1 earlier because dependencies you needed were missing, you might take a second look now.

All of the Scala modules are now published for 2.13.0-M1. (It’ll happen faster for future milestones, now that Lukas has upgraded the module publishing plugin to support re-publication of existing module versions for new Scala versions.)