Upcoming sbt 1.0.0 (currently RC3)

The sbt team is happy to announce the release of sbt 1.0.0-RC3.

sbt’s release candidates are binary compatible with the final sbt 1.0.0, so this is an excellent time for maintainers of sbt plugins to start cross-building and releasing their plugins for sbt 1 (see the blog post linked below).

If no serious regressions are found by Friday, 11 August 2017, 1.0.0-RC3 will become 1.0.0 final.

For more details see http://developer.lightbend.com/blog/2017-07-28-sbt-1-0-0-RC3-and-sbt-0-13-16/

Dale Wijnand / Tooling Team / Lightbend, Inc.