Type inference for the types of params of defs

So, I am coming from F#, and similar as indention-to-build-blocks is pure, unhindered and consequent type inference a major contribution to awesome coding.

I love F# for its concise nature.

Scala 3 goes a far strech to reach its conciseness.

Still, the type inference is not complete.
I totally get, why using actual annotations in public functions.

I do not so, for casual ones.
My understanding is, that in a lot of ‘def’ descriptions is it still needed to annotate types.

This is heavily in my way and blocks me from thinking about my code.

Martin Odersky said that indendation to delimit the scope has turned out to be

“the single most important way how Scala 3 improved my productivity”, it is “positive beyond anything I could expect”, “far better than I could dreamed of” and “I thought it would be good, I didnt imagine it would be that good.”

So now, let that sink. One prolific programmer thinks that way about braces <–> indendation.

Is it that more unlikely to think, complete inference on types, like F-Sharp does it, is also very helpful to the development flow?