Third batch of Scala 3 SIPs

Hello Scala Community,

If you haven’t already, now is the time to give us your feedback! Month by month SIP Committee is getting closer to covering all new changes heading our way, but we need your input/help.

Here’s the new (3rd) batch, jump on any or all to give us your opinion:

  1. Proposal to drop Weak Conformance from the language
  2. Proposal to remove general type projection from the language
  3. Proposal for programmatic structural types
  4. Proposal to disallow class shadowing
  5. Proposal to remove Existential Types from the language
  6. Proposal to officialize and generalize name-based pattern matching

The rules for this batch’s discussion are the same: after one month from the opening of discussions, threads will be automatically locked. Then, SIP Committee members will process the feedback in every thread, write up a summary, and bring it up it in the next SIP meeting. We will then take all your inputs into account and find ways to move forward.

All the contextual information on these discussions and the reasons why we’re organizing them can be found in the previous thread introducing the first batch of Scala 3 proposals: First batch of Scala 3 SIPs.

Thank you all for your participation!


Is there a date for the next SIP meeting?

Sorry for the late reply - it will be tomorrow (13th March) 5 PM. I will now post the announcement.