Suggestions for a Scala mascot

This is a follow up of this twitter discussion:

I compiled a list of proposition we have so far:

I don’t think you had Scalist in the list.

Scala + programmer = scalp

hey, if Microsoft can have a paperclip, we can have a staircase. He’s like a red slinky.


Female Scalana, plural Scalani.

Ok, I have a cool mascot, wait for it -----------------------------> scalpinist. It’s like alpinist - got it?
As was mentioned before in russian language we already have mascot for Scala programmers which have a quite similar idea:

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I’d say Scalaist
Or, we could always call ourselves Underscores :wink:

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I think that name is reserved for Miles’ employees.

It’s a bit of a lowly name anyway. Maybe we should just be the 'scores