SPP Meeting 5th February 2018, 5 PM CEST

Dear Contributors,

I hope 2018 is treating you well!

It is a pleasure to announce the third SPP meeting that will take place live on YouTube on Monday, 5th February, at 5 PM CEST

The agenda proposed:

  1. Continuation of the discussion of the cross-platform proposal “Make Scala Platform API independent of Java namespaces
  • Talk with Sébastien Doeraene and Denys Shabalin about cross-platform support.

  • Should cross-platform modules be required for the Scala Platform?

  • If they are required, who is going to do all the work to make them work? Testing?

    1. Discussion of “What do we do with scala.sys.process
  • Java process is less than ideal. scala.sys.process can be improved. What do we do?

  • Is there a need for a process API module in the Scala Platform?

  • Considering alternatives: NuProcess

  1. Status update of Scala JSON AST and technical discussion about external dependencies
  • Matthew will introduce what’s missing from an official release
  • Discussion about external dependencies: when are Platform modules allowed to depend on external modules? Tooling solutions to the problems?