SPP Meeting 27th November 2017, 5 PM CEST

Dear Contributors,

It is a pleasure to announce the second SPP meeting that will take place live on YouTube on 27th November 2018, at 5 PM CEST

We have 11 Committee Members joining to discuss, as proposed in the agenda:

  1. Catching up on updates since our previous meeting: Scala Platform infrastructure, policies, and roadmap for 2.13.x.

  2. A final vote on Better Files and updates on Scala JSON AST.

  3. Discussion of proposal “Make Scala Platform API independent of Java namespaces”

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See you then!
Let the Scala be with You (o:

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The Live Stream is accidentally scheduled for today (Nov 2nd) instead of Nov. 27th.

dear @soronpo thank you very very much for the catch!!!
changed it!