Small correction to an example in the Scala spec

I belive to have found a typo in an example in the Scala spec. More specifically, referring to the document on github (, the call (line 158)
sort(yss)(xs: List[Int] => list2ordered[Int](xs)(int2ordered))
should probably read
sort(yss)((xs: List[Int]) => list2ordered[Int](xs)(int2ordered))
because the single parameter has the type specified.

Yup, that’s a typo @Araeos. Do you mind sending a PR to scala/scala fixing it? :smile:

I’ve created a PR for this which was already merged.
Good catch @Areaeos !

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Thank you, I should probably just open a pull request directly for something this minor next time.

Yeah guys, thanks for your interest. Generally, any PR that improves docs and fixes errors is very much welcome! :sunny: