SIP Minutes of the last two SIP meetings aren't published

The last SIP minutes that were published were the minutes of the May 2018 meeting.

There is a video of a SIP meeting on Jun 22, and a video of a meeting on Aug 30, but there are no minutes published for this meeting.

Can we still expect these?

Also, is there anything known yet about the next SIP meeting (date, SIPs on the agenda)

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Heya @darja, a gentle nudge on this

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I have to say I’m a bit peeved I missed todays SIP meeting.

Same. I like watching them live and I only noticed the youtube notification a long while after the meeting had begun.

Hi Everyone,

It is but me to blame for the above-mentioned things. I am about to publish all the missing minutes and make sure all next SIPs will be advertised in time and on all the channels.

I am very sorry about this, shouldn’t happen again!

Thank you for your interest and dedication!!!


Hey there, I’ll be helping out Darja to get some technical details right, so we hope that the minutes will be available soon for everyone. We want to also change a little bit the format of our discussions so that we can more easily ship the minutes in the future. :smile:


@jvican @darja
The next SIP meeting’s youtube video is accidentally scheduled for Oct 2nd instead of October 22nd (the title of the video is OK)

Thanks, I changed it (o: