SIP Meeting December 2017 (re-scheduled November meeting)

Dear Scala Contributors,

The November SIP Meeting is re-scheduled to be on the 6th of December, at 17:00 GMT+2 (Zurich) and 08:00 PD (San Francisco).

Please join us live on YouTube, interact with us in the comment section, we’d like to hear from you!

Meeting agenda:

  1. Discussion and voting on Miles Sabin (Typelevel representative) joining the Committee

  2. SIP 23: Literal-based singleton types
    By: Miles Sabin, @milessabin

  3. SIP-33: Match infix and prefix types to meet expression rules
    (Oron has split this proposal up into two different SIPs)
    By: Oron Port, @soronpo

  4. SIP-35: Opaque types
    By: Erik Osheim, @non
    Jorge Vicente Cantero, @jvican

  5. Discussion about the future of Scala 2.13 and 2.14. In concrete, the following ideas that Adriaan has presented publicly in his talk, link.

Some examples of his ideas:

Sorry, I forgot to add to the agenda SIP-23. @milessabin has been working hard to get it ready for this meeting.

@jvican I added @milessabin’s SIP, good catch and in time :wink:

Dear Scala Contributors,

I am sorry to announce that we needed to reschedule the SIP meeting of today as we had last minute cancellation and can’t make the quorum.

I will soon let you know about the new date!

May the Scala be with you (o:

Hi Darja,

Looks like the SIP meeting took place on 2017-12-06. Do you know if the minutes for the meeting have been posted anywhere? I tried looking at as well as, but couldn’t find anything.

Thank you,

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Hi Dale,

Yes, we had a meeting on the 6th of Dec.
I am about to publish the minutes I will put them both here in the Contributors and on the website.
Will let you know as soon as it’s up!

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