SIP Meeting August 30th, 5 PM CET

Dear Contributors,

I hope you had a great summer vacation for this part of the globe and wishing a great spring for those on the other side of the Equator (o:

SIP meetings are restarting as of 30th of August 2018, 5 PM CEST.

Novelty is that as of August we shall have next dates for next 3 meetings ahead, stay tuned in!

Join us live and comment, ask, get your opinion heard at Scala Center YouTube Channel, reminders will follow.

As discussed on this channel, the agenda is as follows

First batch of Scala 3 SIPs, summarising the Contributors discussion and deciding as per:

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@darja by the way the title’s date (Aug 30) does not agree with the date in the body of the post (Aug 31)

Changed, right date is 30th

I appreciate there is a ton to do, and moving with some haste is understandable, but I don’t see how I can reconcile

This strategy works as follows: we set a timeframe (in our case, a month) in which we will accept and act on any technical feedback (be it a question, remark or suggestion). This feedback will then be taken into consideration when making decisions in our SIP meetings and some of the Committee members will answer your feedback online.

and planning a SIP meeting presumably about those subjects before that time has passed.

We’re not going to make final decisions on those proposals in that date, we’ll wait until October to do so. This is just a first pass through all the feedback we’ve received so far.