SIP Meeting 24th October 2017

Dear Scala Contributors,

Happy to announce the next SIP Meeting on the 24th of October, at 17:00 GMT+2 (Zurich) and 08:00 PD (San Francisco).

Join us live on YouTube comments welcomed!

Meeting agenda:

SIP-NN: Right-Associative By-Name Operators13
By: Stefan Zeiger, @szeiger

SIP-ZZ - Opaque types13
By: Erik Osheim, @non
Jorge Vicente Cantero, @jvican

SIP-NN - Match infix & prefix types to meet expression rules8
By: Oron Port, @soronpo

SIP-28 and SIP-29 - Inline meta10
By: Eugene Burmako, @xeno-by
Sébastien Doeraene, @sjrd
Vojin Jovanovic,
Martin Odersky, @odersky
Dmitry Petrashko,
Denys Shabalin

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Excellent analysis of macro use cases by @olafurpg: