SIP Meeting 21st September 2017

Dear Scala Contributors,

Darja Jovanovic here - newly joined Scala Center to help facilitate SIP/SPP meetings in a role of a Communication Manager.
From now on I will make sure that the SIP/SPP meetings are running smoothly and that everyone gets the updates in a timely manner.

Below, please find the details about today’s SIP meeting.
Looking forward to collaborating with you!
Kind regards,

The SIP committee is meeting on the 21st September, at 17:00 GMT+2 (Zurich) and 08:00 PD (San Francisco).
The meeting is Live on YouTube, please click here follow the meeting today!

The minutes will be published after the meeting at SIP Minutes web page

This is the agenda for the meeting:

  1. SIP-NN: Right-Associative By-Name Operators
    By: Stefan Zeiger, @szeiger

  2. SIP-ZZ - Opaque types
    By: Erik Osheim, @non
    Jorge Vicente Cantero, @jvican

  3. SIP-NN - Match infix & prefix types to meet expression rules
    By: Oron Port, @soronpo

  4. SIP-28 and SIP-29 - Inline meta
    By: Eugene Burmako, @xeno-by
    Sébastien Doeraene, @sjrd
    Vojin Jovanovic,
    Martin Odersky, @odersky
    Dmitry Petrashko,
    Denys Shabalin


Thank you @darja!

By any chance, could you share a link to the call?

It’ll be held on YouTube Live, right? So people should be able to tune in and ask questions.

My pleasure @heathermiller!
Absolutely, the link will follow as soon as the session is opened.
Also, it will be shared on Scala’s twitter and google+ page (went through advanced settings on youtube to make sure all is well linked and streamlined).
Please let me know if there is anything more I could do?

Can you post the link to the YouTube Live video?

Aha, seems like you edited the original post with the link.

Posting it again for those receiving email updates: YouTube Live video link

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