Scastie IDE features

Scastie is an online editor for Scala working as a standalone website on both mobile and desktop platforms and also provides API for embedding it into other projects. It is currently available at and is used by about 1k unique daily users.

At the moment Scastie is nothing more than a plain text editor which allows you to compile your code snippets with specified dependencies.

This is why we are currently working on adding interactive features to the code editor.


This thread presents current state of the this project and will be updated along with development status. We would welcome any comments or suggestions.


I think another priority should be put to enabling macros to be described in scastie (which require separate compilation modules).
This is very crucial to be able to document macro examples that “just work”, and to report compiler macro bugs without pushing a complete project to a public repo.


Additionally, it is worth noting that such (great) changes that were applied recently significantly affected embedded scastie code. This can easily break websites silently that rely on the current state of scastie. I imagine no-one enabled embedding thinking that it commits scastie to maintain some compatibility, but as this tool grows more popular, this should be given extra thought. Maybe a way to embed a specific version of scastie, so the default scastie website can advance without harming previous embedded version users?