Scaladex Updates

( The Scala Center team is dedicated to providing regular and transparent community updates about project plans & progress. In this forum we created a new topic category to allow quicker orientation going forward: “Scala Center Updates”. Even though all feedback is welcome, we keep the right to make executive decisions about projects we lead. Overview of all our activities can always be found at )

Scaladex is the catalogue of Scala open source libraries. Its indexing is automated based on data collected through GitHub and Maven Central APIs.


On one hand, the number of Scala libraries is growing steadily, as well as the number of dependencies between libraries. On the other hand, the number of published artifacts is multiplied by the number of targets (JVM, js, Native) and binary versions (2.11, 2.12, 2.13, dotty). We have identified some performance issues and difficulties to maintain Scaladex that will be amplified in the forthcoming months. Take, for example, the poor performance of loading the scalatest project page.

Proposed solution

The Scala Center will focus on improving the user facing performance as well as the operational efficiency of Scaladex.

Scala Center proposed roadmap

May 2020

  • The dependents feature, also called inverse dependencies feature, will be redesigned to be more scalable. This will fix the performance issue of the scalatest project page.

June 2020

  • Rework the reindexing process to improve the performance. This won’t be seen from a user perspective but it will make a big difference in maintaining and evolving Scaladex since we will be able to reindex more confidently.
  • Build a fresh subset of projects. The current subset of projects that is used to test Scaladex is quite old and does not reflect the current Scala ecosystem. The new subset of projects will improve the coverage.

From July 2020

  • Scaladex will be actively maintained.

- The Scala Center team


I would encourage the team to get in touch with the maintainer of It does most of what I need from scaladex: allows me to search for artifacts on maven central and other important repositories, shows supported scala, scala.js, and scala-native versions, dependencies and reverse dependencies, and links to project websites, and build tool snippets for sbt and many more. What’s more, the site loads quickly and reliably, and I don’t have to submit projects somewhere special for them to show up there.

(Although the site is not targeted specifically to scala users, it is built with scala technologies.)

I’m not sure what scaladex adds to that, but I think it would be well worth getting in touch with the creator, Perhaps a collaboration would take less resources and be more productive than separate implementations.


The entire Bintray sbt/sbt-plugin-releases repository has been imported to Scaladex, indexing a few 220 sbt plugins that were previously missing.

Check out the latest sbt plugins:*&page=1