Scala3 RC3 is planned

After RC2 was out, we got a lot of helpful feedback from the community. While RC2 fixes several issues, two important bugs are identified as well (see #11977 and #11995). The bugs block the compilation of important libraries in Scala 3.

We thus decided to release an RC3 before the official Scala 3. This way, library authors have more time to try the release candidates and make sure the libraries compile without major issues.

RC3 will be released in the week of April 19th, and if everything goes well, Scala 3 comes in May.

We sincerely thank all library authors for trying the RCs and reporting issues. This collaborative process is proven to be fruitful and we believe the community efforts will ensure a successful release of Scala 3.


Thanks! This is really needed. I’m glad I’ll be able to try out the #12052 fix in a proper RC since this is actually a runtime issue and compile silently passes. For the nightly builds I have to shim-out scalatest which only catches compile-time stuff.