Scala still in need of a mascot

The staircase is not a mascot, but a metaphor for something.

Obviously, adoption of Scala has been hampered by the lack of a mascot.

Also obviously, there is a special mode of poetry for addressing what is inanimate as though it were animate.

Everyone ought to know Robert Lowell’s skunk and Elizabeth Bishop’s armadillo. Bishop is the greater poet.

Community members have dogs and cats and birds who might make great mascots. My spouse hates pets, so we have no pets. I used to have four dogs and two cats before my life went south. Such is life.


Thank you. Would you also attach the images, so everyone will be able to see it.

Are the links not public? I know is public.

Probably I won’t go the extra mile for OSS, which is unpaid labor.

I don’t think I can retract a topic that I open here.

Some links require to register in social networking sites. Social networking sites require personal information.
So it is public not for free.

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You don’t have permission to delete this topic. If you really want it to be deleted, submit a flag for moderator attention together with reasoning.

oh moderator, didn’t intend to create extra work just for fun.

A lot of deep thinking on this subject from a mere 12 years ago: The Scala mascot: a Greater Swiss Mountain Dog! | The Scala Programming Language


I think you can create a temporary-ish account on discord, without providing any personal information.

Does Odersky have a dog?

I am afraid not.


SS - Speaking of which, I noticed there is no dog at your feet. Don’t you think a dog in an office is cute?

MO - Herzog was right to assign it a different word.

noted here; via Werner Herzog has never thought a dog was cute.

He said:

Is anything cute to you? Have you ever seen a dog and thought, That’s a cute dog? No. I would assign a dog a different word.

Doesn’t [the large brain] make the Lemur catta a perfect mascot? And further:

“It typically lives 16 to 19 years in the wild and 27 years in captivity.”

Which is about the average life span of a dominant programming language.

That is indeed compelling. Java has spent nearly 27 years in captivity, and I have noted that William Blake considered 27 a tragically imperfect number with respect to 28. Off by one!

The number 27 also implies that Scala 2 will achieve irrelevance just as Scala 3 gains [insert desired feature], by the end of the decade.

According to Carl Linnaeus’s own explanation, the name [Lemur] was selected because of its nocturnal activity and slow movements.

That corresponds to Scala’s release cycle and habit of nocturnal conclaves.

The species “catta” would of course flatter the “cats” ecosystem.

Edit: Stefan asked:

What, no skunk?

Spotted, not striped.

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I think you can create a temporary-ish account

IMHO: It is not good practice to write posts which require to to create temp accounts for unknown amount of people.

Given the OP was mostly made in jest, you are likely taking it too seriously.

IOW, applying a hard rule to a fairly soft/playful post feels awkward.

If you have a beef with creating temp accounts because you don’t want to “traced”, it’s you who are requiring the temp account, not the OP.

And just in case you go there, I don’t want or support a rule that attempts to figure out a threshold for blocking soft/playful posts. Learn to vote with your mouse by just skipping over them if they require a level of effort that isn’t worth your time and attention.

Given the OP was mostly made in jest, you are likely taking it too seriously.

To say the truth I even do not understand what do you mean.
I had received the notification there was a question. I just answered.

I do not think it is good to waste much time thinking about what it is.
If someone have not understand me, I try to explain.
If it is a joke, so ok there will be no problem either.

When I am working with code it is too difficult to switch sometimes :frowning:

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Sorry for the distraction. At least it’s correctly filed under meta discourse, although it wound up more meta than intended.

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Just to be clear, I know how to make temp accounts, I do not care for tracing. I just do not like spam and useless work.

well, but it could be. There is a sponge that is a mascot, there is a bread (“Bernd das Brot”), Towelie, etc. Why can’t a staircase be a creature?

P.S. All your discord links are walled off, so not visible unless you sign up with them, which is why I think discord is a bad choice for any forum in the first place. /rantoff

You could have said Clippy. OK, I’ll try to minimize the OP.

Perhaps a genie might work? (LAMP → Aladdin’s lamp → genie)

(more seriously, what is the point of this discussion? Is it simply a joke, or do you think Scala really needs a mascot?)