Scala Spree + other community events coming to Berlin, May 15th


Dear Contributors,

Scala Center in on a roll :sunglasses: After Krakow (ScalaSphere) and Oslo (flatMap), we are now inviting you to join the Scala Spree in Berlin on May the 15th, 9 AM to 3.30 PM, location: Zeughofstr. 1, 10997 just before the opening of ScalaDays 2018 taking place nearby at KOSMOS Cinema.

Please register and bring your ID:

Get the input live, straight from the library authors or submit your own project and get the surge of PRs while teaching and learning:

And thatโ€™s not ALL, at the same time in the same great space, we are now organizing more community events. You are welcomed to alter between amazing talks and contribute live. I will keep you updated.

May the Spree be with you (o:


Seth asks:

can I work on Spray at the Spree by the Spree?


awwww sure you can :grin: I was wondering how to incorporate Spree with the Spree, I guess you found a great way, thanks!

Just add your project to the above-mentioned page and see you there (o:


Sprite & Spreewaldgurken for all attendees! (No? Too dad-jokey?)


NEW: please register and bring your ID: