Scala Spree + other community events coming to Berlin, May 15th

Dear Contributors,

Scala Center in on a roll :sunglasses: After Krakow (ScalaSphere) and Oslo (flatMap), we are now inviting you to join the Scala Spree in Berlin on May the 15th, 9 AM to 3.30 PM, location: Zeughofstr. 1, 10997 just before the opening of ScalaDays 2018 taking place nearby at KOSMOS Cinema.

Please register and bring your ID:

Get the input live, straight from the library authors or submit your own project and get the surge of PRs while teaching and learning:

And that’s not ALL, at the same time in the same great space, we are now organizing more community events. You are welcomed to alter between amazing talks and contribute live. I will keep you updated.

May the Spree be with you (o:


Seth asks:

can I work on Spray at the Spree by the Spree?

awwww sure you can :grin: I was wondering how to incorporate Spree with the Spree, I guess you found a great way, thanks!

Just add your project to the above-mentioned page and see you there (o:

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Sprite & Spreewaldgurken for all attendees! (No? Too dad-jokey?)


NEW: please register and bring your ID: