Scala specification bibtex

Several languages such as Java, Common Lisp, C++ have specifications which are citable with a bibtex in academic papers. I cannot find one for Scala. What do people use to cite Scala specifications in paper submissions?

In particular I’d like to make some claim about the <:< method for determining the subtype relation in an article I’m putting together. As a last resort I could cite a sha1 of some commit containing the method’s implementation, but I’d like to avoid putting URLs in my bibliography if possible, as some journal editors object.


You could use what Google Scholar suggests: (click on the button that looks like quotation marks), and specify as the URL.

Is it just me, or are those broken links? I.e.,
The Scala language specification

Is the specification of <:< in that specification, or is the method rather just considered a library function?

Seems like CiteSeerX is down; but you can still cite the paper.

@LPTK, Do you have the bibtex entry? if not, I’ll wait until the site is back up.

You can obtain a bibtex entry by clicking on the quotation mark button in Google Scholar. It doesn’t always give the best results (it’s usually best to get the bibtex at the source), but in cases like this it can save time:

  title={The Scala language specification},
  author={Odersky, Martin and Altherr, Philippe and Cremet, Vincent and Emir, Burak and Micheloud, Stphane and Mihaylov, Nikolay and Schinz, Michel and Stenman, Erik and Zenger, Matthias},
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Thanks :sunglasses: for telling me about the quotation mark. I could have save a lot of time in the years past…

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It’s just library code, no compiler magic:


Just wondering, why from 2004? Wouldn’t one want a more recent one?