Scala meetup v7. Ukrainian Scala/Java user group. Thursday, July 26, 2018


So next meetup date is set exactly 1 month from now. As always plan will be worked out on the go. Any ideas are welcome!


  • 19:00-21:00 - TBA

Thanks to Ciklum for hosting our next meetup!


Ciklum, BC Horizon (the second tower), 20th floor, 12 Mykoly Amosova St.,30.5049682,20z/data=!4m8!1m2!2m1!1sciklum!3m4!1s0x40d4cf203084279d:0x90cf4db9cd69600c!8m2!3d50.4228777!4d30.5051152?authuser=1

We are in a search of speakers - both remote and on-site ones.

So if there is anybody interested - please let us know.


I guess I may travel there and make a couple of presentations:

  1. Show DIStage, explain the theory behind it, and demonstrate the benefits you may get out of it. This isn’t a typical DI framework, it’s type-aware and provides you lot higher reliability than Guice and others.
  2. Show a better way to do microservices - microliths. Explain how to achieve high-density, make deployment lot easier and so on.
  3. Show LogStage - free structural logging framework
  4. Show Idealingua - rich Data Modeling and Interface Definition Language.

So, what should I do to attend as a presenter?

Hey @pshirshov! It would be great if you can participate as speaker in our next meetup. The meetup is described here and people participating - - if you can just join the group and PM me there a bit about yourself and topics which you want to speak about (all of those you mentioned or just a couple - I like microliths and Idealingua, but we can ask the community as well) then I’ll announce it later today.

Aha, done.

@pshirshov, ok great, can you send me PM on meetup - just to confirm the details etc.

Oh, seems like I sent the pm it to a wrong guy. My bad :slight_smile:
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