Scala 3 Developer's Preview - your input needed

Dear Community,

The Scala teams, and collaborators, that have been working on the Scala 3 release are very happy to share the excitement of finally seeing the release date on the horizon, for us, it feels like crossing a finish line, even though it is just the end of one chapter and the beginning of the new one.

Today, we would like to invite you to:

The road ahead is long, and it is important to be clear on this point: we are aware that it will take time to sync and migrate. Just because our teams are ready to release our work, there is no rush imposed on the community to jump in overnight.

The Scala Center team, with collaborators such as VirtusLab, is working hard on making the migration, documentation, education, and experience sharing widely available - please consult those resources for your needs, at your pace. If you are interested in knowing how a month of work looks in our corner, please read (or just scroll through) our monthly update.

Additionally, If the feedback we receive from you is such that we have to reconsider the timeline, we will do so, please feedback-away!

Oh, and one more thing - the amount of love and support that is pouring in through the Survey (since yesterday!) is incredibly humbling and rewarding, we hear you loud and clear – and you are more than welcome, pleasure working with all of you and THANK YOU <3