Scala 3.0.2 stabilized and Scala 3.1.0-RC1 released!

Scala 3.0.2-RC2 was recently promoted to the stable release as Scala 3.0.2. You can read more in the announcement blogpost.

We have also decided to start the release process for the first minor update since Scala 3.0.0.
Scala 3.1 will bring:

  • experimental support for safer exceptions
  • more efficient bytecode for switching over strings
  • configurable warnings
  • simplified Manifest synthesis
  • stabilization and improvements in reflection api
  • Scastie in Scaladoc
  • changes in @experimental spec

… and much more. You can check the full changelog on GitHub.

Scala 3.1.0-RC1 is available for testing right now and a stable release is planned for the middle of October.