Scala 3.0.0 is here!

After 8 years of work, 28,000 commits, 7,400 pull requests, 4,100 closed issues – Scala 3 is finally out. Since the first commit on December 6th 2012, more than a hundred people have contributed to the project. Today, Scala 3 incorporates the latest research in type theory as well as the industry experience of Scala 2. We’ve seen what worked well (or not so well) for the community in Scala 2. Based on this experience we’ve created the third iteration of Scala – easy to use, learn, and scale.

Read more about what features Scala 3 has, how to get started and what to expect from the future development in our blog article: Scala 3 is here!🎉🎉🎉 | The Scala Programming Language