Scala 2.13.14 release planning

This thread is for updates and discussions about the eventual Scala 2.13.14 release.

As of yet, we don’t know much about the release’s likely contents.

But we do know that it will address two known issues listed in the 2.13.13 release notes (Scaladoc generation issue with -Ytasty-reader, spurious warning on REPL startup on JDK 11).

As for timing, an ambitious-by-Scala-2-standards release like 2.13.13 (which took 5 months) often requires a less-ambitious followup on a shorter timeline. How short will depend on what other issues are reported.

Let’s use this thread to ask, propose, discuss.

The following issue creates some pressure to do 2.13.14 before too much longer, perhaps in a month or so?

Some library authors who were already using -Xsource:3 are getting MiMa failures when upgrading to 2.13.13 and switching from -Xsource:3 to -Xsource:3-cross. If you’re in this situation, you may need to wait for 2.13.14. See Case companions no longer extends FunctionN under `-Xsource:3-cross`, breaks binary compatibility · Issue #12961 · scala/bug · GitHub for details.

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Is there any ETA of 2.13.14, seems like you plan to release it soon, thanks

If no other regression reports come in, then we’re thinking late March or early April. I’ll update this thread if our thinking changes.

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In scala/scala, I created the 2.13.15 milestone and moved most open PRs there. 2.13.14 should stay modest and focused on fixing regressions. Hoping to announce a release candidate within the next week or so, for release near the end of March.

if you feel a particular PR shouldn’t have been postponed, feel free to comment on the PR and say so.

remaining open 2.13.14 PRs: Pull requests · scala/scala · GitHub

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Winding the 2.13 PR queue down took longer than expected, but we’re now very close. We hope to announce a release candidate this week.

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Hopefully last PR merged; waiting for community build results now.


Community build green, but we also added JDK 22 to our CI matrix and there are some test failures we’re still looking into.