Scala 2.13.1 release šŸš†


We are planning to release Scala 2.13.1 at the end of this month. You can find more details on the release process in

We will change the default milestone for new pull requests to 2.13.2 next Monday. Please open any pending pull requests for 2.13.1 until then. The current PR queue is quite large already, any help with trimming it down is appreciated. PRs that are not yet in a mergeable state may be closed. Feel free to reopen them as draft PRs.


The PR queue is empty and the ticket milestones have been closed. The current release candidate is 2.13.1-bin-a3791d4.


Here is the draft for the 2.13.1 release notes:

I wonder if it will get to be the official version I name when I submit my paper next week :crossed_fingers: . I have been stuck on 2.12.4 TLS for a while now due to various regressions and the need for literal types support.

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2.13.1 is now on maven central, it will be announced publicly once Iā€™m through with the release laundry checklist.