Scala 2.13.0 release

Here’s the current plan for 2.13.0.

2.13.0 will include two fixes we believe are safe, without an additional RC:

These are merged and the 2.13 community build is chewing on them right now.

Then, we intend to:

  • publish the release to Maven Central on Friday
    • (Seb has agreed to publish Scala.js on Friday as well)
  • announce on Tuesday




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release steps:

2.13.0 artifacts are on Maven Central

draft release notes, still being revised, at

module publishing is underway


The artifacts of Scala.js 0.6.28 and 1.0.0-M8 for 2.13.0 are on Maven Central.

So is scalajs-stubs 1.0.0-RC1.

portable-scala-reflect 0.1.0 for JVM, SJS 0.6.x and SJS 1.0.0-M8 is on its way.

I also released "org.scala-js" %% "scalajs-stubs" % "1.0.0" (final, identical to 1.0.0-RC1) for 2.10, 2.11, 2.12 and 2.13 (this is a JVM-only artifact).

I published the following Scala.js-specific artifacts for 0.6.x and 1.0.0-M8 with Scala 2.13.0:

  • "org.scala-js" %%% "scalajs-dom" % "0.9.7"
  • "org.scala-js" %%% "scalajs-java-time" % "0.2.5"
  • "org.scala-js" %%% "scalajs-java-logging" % "0.1.5"
  • "be.doeraene" %%% "scalajs-jquery" % "0.9.5"

My publishing tasks for 2.13.0 are now over. Enjoy all those shiny new artifacts over the week-end, and see you tomorrow for the SIP meeting or next week for Scala Days. :smile:


2.13.0 artifacts for scala-xml have been published, including an artifact for Scalajs 0.6.x. Scala.js 1.0.0-M8 artifacts should also be published for both 2.12 and 2.13, as well.

GitHub issue:

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shapeless 2.3.3 for 2.13.0 published to central just now.


core essentials now published: Scala.js, scala-xml, scala-parser-combinators, scala-java8-compat, kind-projector, shapeless, scalaz, genjavadoc, silencer, wartremover…

essentials still missing: ScalaCheck, ScalaTest, specs2, scala-parallel-collections…

keep watching


The following artifacts are out for Scala 2.13.0:

  • com.lihaoyi::sourcecode:0.1.7
  • com.lihaoyi::utest:0.6.9
  • com.lihaoyi::fansi:0.2.7
  • com.lihaoyi::acyclic:0.2.0
  • com.lihaoyi::geny:0.1.8
  • com.lihaoyi::os-lib:0.3.0
  • com.lihaoyi::fastparse:2.1.3
  • com.lihaoyi::pprint:0.5.5
  • com.lihaoyi::ujson:0.7.5
  • com.lihaoyi::upack:0.7.5
  • com.lihaoyi::upickle:0.7.5
  • com.lihaoyi::requests-scala:0.2.0
  • com.lihaoyi::scalatags:0.7.0

They’re also cross-published for Scala.js 0.6.28; skipped 1.0.0-M8 for now due to some apparent incompatibilities with Mill. I’ve dropped Scala 2.11 support, except for scala-native builds which are still stuck on that.

That’s most of the com.lihaoyi ecosystem. Still missing are Ammonite and Mill. Those may take a few more days to get out, as they have dependencies (e.g. scopt, coursier, a few others in the test suite)


ScalaTest is blocking Scalariform (yes, amazingly people still use it), any idea when that will be released for 2.13.0?

We will be able to release ScalaTest once ScalaCheck is in place.



ScalaCheck 1.14.0 is now published for 2.13, thanks to Rickard Nilsson and a timely assist from Aaron Hawley

The release notes at are now done.

(Doubtless we’ll keep tweaking them, but regardless, they’re good to go. You can send me suggested improvements in a private message.)

The libraries list at is looking robust. The most popular testing libraries have all published now. Akka and Cats aren’t quite here yet, but they will be soon.

Everything looks good for announcing on Tuesday.

I am publishing Dsl.scala for Scala 2.13.0

Websites are updated, announcements are going out.

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Announcements are out.

The release notes were missing some bullets from RC1. These have now been restored; there’s a list at

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Now that 2.13.0 is out, I’ll be far less active in updating .

Magical crowdsourcing powers, activate!

Now that the core of the ecosystem is available for 2.13, the most useful section to keep up-to-date, IMO, is the links to tickets for projects that haven’t published, so people can subscribe to these tickets, politely let maintainers know a release is desired, offer to help with any needed changes, etc.

Perhaps the magical crowdsourcing powers, rather than manually updating a list of projects that haven’t published, could make scaladex do it automatically… and perhaps they could also update sbt-updates and Scala Steward to support scala versions…

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