Scala 2.12 (Java 8) annotation on types?

Is it possible to use annotations on types with Scala 2.12?

I mean in Java 8 this become possible:

 List<@NonNull String> list = new ArrayList<@NonNull String>();

Is it possible with Scala too? I tried the following, but it did not work:

 val ls: Seq[@NonNull String] = List.empty[@NonNull String]

Error:(8, 15) identifier expected but β€˜@’ found.

Is the syntax different?

I was searching in the release notes of 2.12, but could not find mentioning it. Are there plans to support this (and probably also module annotations in Java 9)?

The syntax is different: it’s String @NotNull instead of @NotNull String. You didn’t find it in the release notes of 2.12 because it’s been supported in Scala for a long time (at least as far as my memory goes, i.e., 2.9.0).


I think much longer than that – cps used it.