Scala 2.12.9 release πŸš…

It’s time for another 2.12 minor release! The release is planned for the end of July.

Please review:

We intend to close the PR queue in the next few days with the exception of the currently assigned issues (your help always appreciated!).

Now might be a good moment to try a nightly build:

  • Add a resolver resolvers += "scala-integration" at ""
  • Set the Scala version to 2.12.9-bin-d386f96
  • Also explained here:

scala/scala PR have all been merged. If all goes well 2.12.9-bin-82e3405 is the current candidate. No further PRs will be committed unless there’s a last-minute bug fix.

For more details, see

Here’s the draft release note. Let me know if I missed something, or if I can improve on the wording etc.

New candidate is 2.12.9-bin-87d43d0.

released Scala 2.12.9!

Scala 2.12.9 brings another 5% ~ 10% improvement in compiler performance, improved compatibility with JDK 11/12/13, and experimental infrastructure for build pipelining. Thanks to many contributors and sponsorship by Lightbend!

For more details please see


Great Job !
improving compatibility whilst offering better performance is a fantastic accomplishment !

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