Scala 2.12.19 release planning

This thread is for updates and discussions about the upcoming Scala 2.12.19 release.

As of yet, we don’t know anything about the release’s likely timing or contents.

We can use this thread to ask, propose, discuss.

There doesn’t seem to be a reason to do a 2.12.19 yet, so unless something new comes up, it looks like we’ll go ahead with 2.13.12 in August and 2.12.19 will wait until some unknown future date.

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We’ll do 2.12.19 in tandem with 2.13.13, aiming for sometime in January.

Very little has been merged on the 2.12.x branch, but a lot of time has passed (2.12.18 was in May), and we’d like to ship the ASM 9.6 upgrade (for JDK 22 support) and a couple of backported bugfixes.

There are no more open 2.12.x PRs.

2.12.19 release candidate is: 2.12.19-bin-4e0f4fa

(How do I use a nightly build of Scala? - Stack Overflow)

PRs with “release-notes” label: Pull requests · scala/scala · GitHub

Please test! We’ll release it as soon as 2.13.13 is also ready.

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We have merged one additional PR:

which backports the new -Yrelease flag from 2.13.13, so that it will be usable in crossbuilt projects. (There is a discussion on the PR about the decision to do the late-breaking merge.)

The new release candidate is: 2.12.19-bin-6c0a9bc

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Only minutes after I wrote the above, I noticed a bug report involving JDK 21 bytecode that we should fix for 2.12.19. So there will be another release candidate.

The bug in question is "bad constant pool tag" when using a library compiled using Java 21 · Issue #12936 · scala/bug · GitHub (originally reported by Adam Warski against Scala 3, but 2 is affected as well)

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New release candidate (with the JDK 21 fix) is 2.12.19-bin-afbad90

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Maybe java 11 bytecode

Scala 2.12.19 draft release notes:

If you have any suggested improvements to the notes themselves, you can comment on this pull request.

Heads up – limited time remains for testing!

We will publish 2.12.19 to Maven Central no sooner than Tue Feb 20, and fully announce it no sooner than Thu Feb 22.

Scala.js 1.15.0 passes. Sorry for the late testing.

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2.12.19 JARs are now on Maven Central.

Tooling and compiler plugin maintainer powers, activate! Please publish support.

We won’t announce before Friday, February 23, 2024.

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For those whose projects depend on macro paradise:

I’m having some trouble trying to publish the paradise plugin for 2.12.19. I’ll update this thread once Lukas and I get that figured out.

Scala Native (0.4.15-0.4.17) compiler plugins are on their way to Maven Central

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Scala.js 1.15.0 for Scala 2.12.19 is available on Maven Central.

Older versions are in progress.

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Macro paradise is now available: Central Repository: org/scalamacros/paradise_2.12.19/2.1.1

(thanks Lukas!)

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Most tooling is now place, but not quite all, so no announcement today — perhaps Monday.

Metals support is now in place and other key tooling has published, so it looks like we’re all set to announce first thing Monday (US West Coast time). Please raise any doubts soon if you have them.

2.12.19 is now fully announced! Thanks to everyone who participated, even in the smallest way.