Scala 2.12.14 planning

This thread is for updates and discussions about an eventual Scala 2.12.14 release.

2.12.13 was released on January 12. We aren’t aware of any regressions that would warrant rushing a followup. It isn’t clear yet what the main determinant of 2.12.14’s timing will be. We can talk about it here.

(as I also said on the 2.13.5 thread)

One motivation for 2.12.14 (and 2.13.5) will be to ship support for JDK 16. I’m currently working JDK 16 through the Scala 2 community build:

Which has so far turned up the need to upgrade to ASM 9:

And may yet turn up other issues.

In the meantime, people wanting to get an early start on JDK 16 testing can use our nightly builds.


Perhaps another reason: was reverted due to, which has been fixed post 2.12.13. For spark to upgrade scala (and publish 2.13 artefacts), having the fix sooner rather than later would probably be helpful.

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