Scala 2.12.10 release

It’s time for another 2.12 minor release. 2.12.9 had a few regressions, so we’re putting 2.12.10 on a fast track.

Please review:

Help with triaging and addressing pending issues and PRs is always welcome. We are aiming to wrap this up in the next week or so, if possible.

To try a nightly build:

  • Add a resolver: resolvers += "scala-integration" at ""
  • Set the Scala version to 2.12.10-bin-d70893c (or a newer version if there is one)

We’re already down to 0 open bugs, 0 open pull requests. I intend to build on Friday unless something new arises.

The current release candidate is: 2.12.10-bin-61701c2


No further surprises.

I’m working through the release steps now ( Hope to finish today or tomorrow.

draft release notes:

2.12.10 is on Maven Central and the release notes are at

We aren’t quite ready to broadly announce yet, because for some reason the .msi bundle didn’t build/upload properly, that still needs fixing. (The bundles for other platforms should be fine.)

Scala.js 0.6.28 and 1.0.0-M8 published for 2.12.10.

Could someone run the Paradise release? There’s a PR, and if anything else is needed I’m happy to help:

“Will do today”, says Adriaan at

The MSI thing got resolved. Announcing the release now.