Sbt 0.13 on Maven?

So, there was this “brownout” of Bintray today – I gather it was planned, in preparation for Bintray going away entirely in the near future. And all of our builds for services still on sbt 0.13 failed.

I gather from the conversation that only the 1.x versions of sbt are found on Maven – 0.13 is only hosted on Bintray. That’s kind of problematic, given that lots of legacy repos haven’t upgraded to 1.x yet. (Yes, it’s desireable, but older code tends to move slowly.)

Is this on anybody’s radar? Any chance of getting 0.13 versions deployed out to Maven Central? Otherwise, it seems likely that the Bintray shutdown is going to produce some egg-on-face for the Scala community.


sbt 0.13 artifacts are hosted on Lightbend IT is in the process of migrating both and to new hosting in advance of the May 1 shutdown.

But for sbt 0.13 specifically, apparently there is some Ivy vs Maven complexity, as per Eugene’s remarks a few minutes ago at sbt community repo ( · Issue #6294 · sbt/sbt · GitHub , so it’s not entirely clear yet what will happen there and when.

(In any case, note that sbt 0.13 was dropped from Lightbend commercial support some time ago, and in OSS land sbt 0.13.x releases stopped a long time ago, too, so personally I would strongly encourage everyone to get onto 1.x if at all possible, as things have a way of eventually breaking as the years pass, whether it’s due to compatibility issues, hosting issues, or what have you.)


Note that there will be a second brownout on April 26th.

Everyone involved is trying to get this resolved before that date, but people should mark their calendars anyway, just in case.


I’m having sbt 0.13 trouble I don’t understand, here: Could not find required component 'xsbti' in 1.5.0 / 0.13.18 build · Issue #6447 · sbt/sbt · GitHub

So anyway, that’s a ticket to subscribe to if you see Could not find required component 'xsbti'. Not sure if it’s related to the Bintray stuff, but the timing is suggestive.

1 Like,, and are all now redirecting to new, non-Bintray providers.


Excellent – spreading the word now. Thanks to everyone who made that happen!