Review Proposal for GSOC

Hello everyone,
I have drafted a proposal for GSOC’17 for the topic: Auto-completion and type information in Scastie. It’s my first time applying for GSOC and hence believe there is a great room for improvement. I’d really appreciate any suggestions/pointers.
(here’s the link:
Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

May it would be a great idea to spend sometime in:

  • Fixing the typos unserstand, successfuly, ApiImplentation, finalised, availabe etc
  • Reformat the document with appropriate headings, font-size and inundation

I understand that it is not an English competition and English may not be your regular spoken language. But it could be fixed using basic tooling with least effort.
All the best!

okay, thanks :slight_smile: . I’ll make the changes

@VC1995 If you want more feedback you might want to readd the link—the topic looks weird right now :-).

I readded the link and changed the topic. thanks…