Online Courses for Scala 3

(The Scala Org aims to release Scala 3 by the end of fall 2020. We are about 15 employees (some of whom work part-time), spread in 4 organisations (+ active community members), focusing on finalising 52 essential projects in 6 months. Project leads publish the road-maps under the category “Scala 3 release projects” to share with you what is to be expected and hopefully get your advice & contributions as well. All the projects’ road-maps come after an extensive feedback gathering, rounds of discussion, and involvement of major stakeholders, we now need the community to help push this effort over the line. Your collaboration is highly appreciated, thank you in advance!)

Currently, all our online courses from EPFL run on Scala 2.13 (or Scala 2.12 for the Spark course). Scala 3 will bring new features and improvements that we want to leverage in our courses (e.g., enums, top-level vals and defs, new syntax for implicits, optional braces, etc.).

We are happy to announce that we are currently updating the existing courses to be ready for Scala 3, and creating a new course that uses Scala 3.

This is a considerable effort, which you can follow in this thread (we will update this post as progress goes).