New Category Request

The Artima Forum for Programming in Scala book is not a happening place.

Discourse around curating the book text, merits an independent category on contributors.scala-lang forum, in which, the sole purpose is the improvement of the official book’s text, for additional last mile/sentence clarity and accuracy, which I think are really difficult to cover by core writer/editors.

By the mere virtue of an alien third person’s perspective, as the clients of a codebase can be trusted to use it in ways that reveal hidden bugs, the readers of the book can be trusted to reveal similar analogues in the book, probably like ambiguities in interpretation, and perhaps help curate better and clearer rephrasals. The contents of such a forum could be used as an accessible repository by the authors/editors to inform further work on the book. So, if this proposal could get in a sensible motion, the already great and neatly organized official book, could be made even better in the next version.

Thoughts anyone?

Hi sidnt,

We have an errata app for that:

This is used by readers both to identify typos and to point to text that confused them and often, to suggest rephrasings. We go through this feedback each time we do a new edition and also when we do new printings.