Need to backport all the missing splain configurations for "-Vimplicits -Vtype-diffs" options

I’m working on features/improvements of splain plugin ( I wonder why the following option of the splain plugin was dropped when being ported to scalac?

  val analyzer =
    new { val global = } with Analyzer {
      def featureImplicits = boolean(keyImplicits)
      def featureFoundReq = boolean(keyFoundReq)
      def featureInfix = boolean(keyInfix)
      def featureBounds = boolean(keyBounds)
      def featureColor = boolean(keyColor)
      def featureBreakInfix = int(keyBreakInfix).filterNot(_ == 0)
      def featureCompact = boolean(keyCompact)
      def featureTree = boolean(keyTree)
      def featureBoundsImplicits = boolean(keyBoundsImplicits)
      def featureTruncRefined = int(keyTruncRefined).filterNot(_ == 0)
      def featureRewrite = opt(keyRewrite, "")
      def featureKeepModules = int(keyKeepModules)

(the above frontloaded code was from splain master). Is there a plan to add them back?

Thorsten made the port himself, nobody better to ask than him.

Already did, if he is the only peer reviewer of upcoming PRs things would be much easier

After some discussion we’ve decided to drop them and adapt all test cases we have left instead.

They won’t be back until explicitly asked for

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