Need mentors/mentorship to help beginners

Can we have something like Which will be helpful beginners like me(interested) to contribute to Scala ecosystem.


I took a brief look: it looks nice and I’m sure we could find both mentees and mentors.

The problem is that someone needs to care enough to create all the infrastructure for this and promote it enough to produce any value. Some candidate would be Scala Center but I believe they have enough on their plate right now.

I know John De Goes did something similar to the scalaz. Or at least started the initiative, I have not been involved enough to know the details.

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Yes you are right someone needs to care. I am ready to invest my time in arranging and promoting it to see value, but I need some support from core maintainers of projects to get familiar with projects, and I believe in this digital world we don’t need to have physical meetings between mentors and mentees so we can have online meetings.

Mentors and mentees will have advantages in many different ways, it also helps to get more contributors to community.

@Krever If you think you can help me with this we can discuss more about it in long version call

This is needed.