Need Help As A New GsoC Contributor From JavaScript Ecosystem

Hello Everyone, I’m Thoby. I’m a Frontend Developer and aspiring Google summer of code student. I Discovered Scala Through Gsoc pages in the previous year and I think it’s an awesome project.

I’ve always admired checking out this project but recently got motivated to become part of the community.

I wish to contribute to Scala JavaScript community and web-based tools, however I also wish to get some guidelines on how to get started.

I found some project ideas from the previous year which I would love to work on and would appreciate this thread to be based on guidines on how a JavaScript developer who is new to Scala can achieve that or if I need to be looking at other niche of ideas instead.

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One possibility, off the top of my head:

Scala.js is designed to interoperate well with JavaScript, and generally is pretty good about that. But there’s one upfront challenge: for this to work well with an existing JS library, you have to have a strongly-typed Scala “facade” that describes the untyped JavaScript API. As an example, here’s my facade for jQuery.

A lot of major JS libraries have good facades by now, but many don’t. Writing a good full facade requires in-depth study of the JS library’s API (including all the different types that each entry point can accept and return), translation to Scala, and testing. It’s something that a lot of experienced Scala programmers have trouble with, if they don’t have JS experience, but it might be well-suited to somebody who knows JS well and is learning Scala.

So that’s an option to consider: looking for major JS libraries that aren’t already well-covered with Scala facades, and dealing with that adaptation layer…

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