NE Scala 2023 Looking for Speakers!

The Northeast Scala Symposium (aka NE Scala) is returning!

The conference will run October 26-28. We’re going to be doing it as an online conference this year, to keep it easier to run and to attend, so save the dates! Tickets should be open soon – we’re still nailing down the price, but it will be under $25.

As usual, the first day will be the Typelevel Summit, the second will be NE Scala proper, and the third will be a free-form Unconference, with the topics decided by the attendees morning-of.

But we need talks, and that’s where you come in! The Call for Presentations is running through September 20th, and everyone is encouraged to consider speaking.

You don’t need to be a Big Name Programmer to talk – we’re looking for a diverse mix of speakers and topics, talking about the language and libraries, yes, but also the community, how to teach and learn Scala, case studies of what has (and hasn’t) worked for you and your team, and more: anything relating to the language, the ecosystem, and the people. This CfP will be used by both the TL Summit and NE Scala proper this year. (The two days have different processes for selecting talks, but we’re working together from a common pool of proposals.)

So please consider submitting a proposal, and feel free to reach out to me at mailto:[email protected] if you have any questions.

You can follow news about the conference on our Mastodon feed; please spread the word. Thanks!

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Will it be recored and then video published to Youtube?

That’s the plan, yes, although history suggests that post-processing tends to take a while.