Multi-Stage with dynamic invocation

Is it possible to provide dynamic invocation integration in multi-stage programming?

There are said in the article about staging
The framework expresses at the same time compile-time meta-programming and multi-staging programming. We can think of compile-time meta-programming as a two stage compilation process: one that we write the code in top-level splices, that will be used for code generation (macros) and one that will perform all necessecary evaluations at compile-time.

There are very strong requirement to performance at runtime generation in my practice.
Byte code generation by template will be always much faster than any scala compilation.

Dynamic invocation can provide fast way to glue bytecode generation and method calling.
It seems it will be possible to optimize working with records.

object BootStrapFactory{
class Proxy{
class Record(elems: (String, Any)*) extends Selectable {
    //It will be generated at runtime 
    var proxy:Proxy = _ 
    inline def selectDynamic(name: String): Any = invokeDynamic(BootStrapFactory,name,this.proxy,this)