Mill: your shiny new Scala build tool

Hi all! I just published the 0.1.0 release of Mill:

Mill is a new build tool that can serve as a replacement for SBT. It aims to be fast, simple, and friendly.

The linked docs give an introduction to Mill, what it is and how to use it. There are example builds for a bunch of open source projects linked from the documentation (Acyclic, Ammonite, Better-Files, Jawn, Upickle) so you can see how Mill is used in real situations to build real code.

Mill is under active development, but is already very usable and can be used as a substitute for SBT in many real projects. If you are interested in trying out a new build tool, give Mill a shot!


I like the direction of the project. Do you have in mind to support source dependencies, like Bazel does?


I wonder when some person will puzzle out in new Scala build tools and some well-reasoned comparison like “Mill vs CBT” would appear.

I’m not sure about what you are looking for, but there is already a very good rationnal analysis for Mill here:

Yes, I’ve read this some time ago. But, I’m not talking about SBT, I’m talking about CBT. This is also a Scala build tool that is much friendlier than SBT and is somewhat (probably) a competitor to Mill.

Personally I like CBT very much and I’ve been using for some time. I also have read introduction to Mill. My view is obviously shifted to CBT due to I’m more familiar with it. What I’m looking for is a kind of a comparison of someone who can look at both impartially.

Yes, I know what CBT is. I was almost sure Li Haoyi was talking about in the linked post, but no, there is only bazel. It is neither in nor in Mill documentation (apart from the little paragraph in so I’m really wondering where I saw him talking about CBT.

Well. So yes, one will have to do that comparison you are talking about :slight_smile: