Metals year-end survey

Hello everyone! The Metals team would very much appreciate you taking a moment to fill out our year-end survey. This past year we’ve seen a tremendous amount of growth in the amount of users we have, features we support, and engagement from the community. As we prepare for this next year having more info about what type of support matters to you and what type of problems you may be running into will greatly help us prioritize and prepare.

:computer: Link to the survey

Thank you!


Do you want us that don’t use Metals to answer it as well?

I would say that if you’ve tried it out and didn’t like it or moved away for whatever reason, your feedback is still valuable to us. If you’ve never tried Metals before, then maybe refrain, since most of the questions may be difficult to answer then. Or feel free to give it a spin and let us know what you think :slight_smile:


I answered the form assuming it was talking about Scala 2 support, which I found very good.

However, my experience with Scala 3 support so far is that it’s still pretty unreliable, so my answers would have been different, had the form asked specifically about that.

I guess it would have been useful to somehow discriminate between those two uses of Metals.


Thanks for the input @LPTK! We tried to be quite generic with the questioning hoping that it’d leave room for someone to feel free to comment on pretty much anything in some of the specific questions. So we’ve been able to gather a fair amount so far on people’s thoughts on the Scala 3 support.

So on one hand, I think we already got the message that users desire stronger Scala 3 support to rival that of our Scala 2 support. It’s something we were pretty aware of before the survey. On the other hand, it’s good you bring this up as we’ll be more careful with the wording in the future to ensure we explicitly capture information about Scala 3. Thanks again.