Lots of community-build projects not running or even compiling tests

Re-posting this here for awareness. Lots of Scala Community-Build projects are not running or even compiling their tests. They are silently failing with:

[error] Error loading test framework (java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: sbt/testing/Framework). This usually means that you are using a layered class loader that cannot reach the sbt.testing.Framework class. The most likely cause is that your project has a runtime dependency on your test framework, e.g. scalatest. To fix this, you can try to set

or something similar. I think (am not 100% sure) that the following projects are affected:

in community-build-a

  • scalatest
  • scala-stm
  • scalatestplus-testng
  • izumi-reflect
  • Lucre

in community-build-c

  • protoquill (I got this one…)
  • akka
  • jackson-module-scala
  • libretto
  • xml-interpolator
  • scalatestplus-scalacheck
  • scala-parallel-collections
  • sconfig
  • onnx-scala

We are discussing this issue here: